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The Patagonia Public Library’s Street Lit. project contains titles donated from self-published and independent authors around the world. We accept all genres and styles (within reason). To participate, send your donations to the address listed below.

Once your book or books are received, they will be processed into the library’s collection and you will be notified by email. Your work will then be included in at least one future showcase display within the library as well as being added to The Collection page with cover art, synopsis, and circulation figure to date.
Please send only one (1) copy of each donated title, as shelf space is becoming limited.
If you are shipping through the USPS, be sure to use their “Media Mail” option. Though they don’t widely advertise, it will save you on shipping costs.

***Include your name, any pen names or pseudonyms that may appear on your work, and a valid email address.

Street Lit. Project
c/o Shannon Wright
Patagonia Public Library
P.O. Box 415
Patagonia, AZ 85624

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