Yara’s Rainforest Series Launch with Yossi Lapid

Yossi Lapid - Yara's tawari tree

Good friend and celebrated author of the My Snowman Paul series, Yossi Lapid, returned to Patagonia Public Library on Saturday, July 13 to promote the launch of his new series, Yara’s Rainforest, with a Storytime reading of his first book in the series, Yara’s Tawari Tree. Yossi’s last visit was met with jubilation as he and Susan shared the adventures of Snowman Paul, and Yara’s debut was no less exuberant.

Yossi and Susan introduce Yara to a captivated crowd.

This time Yossi and Susan introduced his new character, Yara, and took the children on an exploration of the rainforest she calls her home. Throughout Yara’s story, the kids learned about the symbiotic relationship we should all maintain with nature.

Kids jump up to find the burning tawari tree.

The kids were engaged and excited to participate in Yara’s story and learn more about her world, frequently leaping to their feet to point out something about the book or to answer one of Yossi and Susan’s wonderful questions about the hardships and wonders of Yara’s world.

Afterward, the children gathered around the craft table to make their very own tawari trees. A flurry of glue sticks, construction paper, bits, and baubles ensued, yielding some impressive saplings and excited kids.

After story time? Craft time! Tawari trees galore.

We can’t thank Yossi and Susan enough for taking the time and effort to travel all the way here and enrich the lives of our young community members. There is always a place here at the Patagonia Public Library for you both!

Yossi and I pose for a snapshot after the reading.
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