Story Time with Yossi Lapid

Yossi Lapid - Snowman Paul Reading

The Patagonia Public Library was proud to host our new friend Yossi Lapid and his wife Susan for a wonderful and energetic reading of Christmas with Snowman Paul. Yossi and Susan spent the morning regaling children and parents with wonderful stories of Yossi’s childhood in Romania and how it inspired him to create the world of Snowman Paul.
Yossi’s books are the recipients of numerous awards, most recently earning Literary Titan‘s Gold Medal, awarded only to books that are deemed perfect in their delivery of original content, with meticulously developed and unique characters in an organic and striking setting, with innovative plot that supports a fresh theme, and elegant prose that transforms words into beautifully written books.
All it takes is a few minutes perusing one of the Snowman Paul books to realize the awards are well deserved.
Author Yossi Lapid and wife Susan pose with Street Lit. coordinator Shannon Wright after an amazing reading.
Immediately following the reading, children and parents alike were keen to express to library staff their enjoyment at the enriching experience of spending the morning reading and making snowman crafts with Yossi and Susan, and the Patagonia Public Library is thrilled to have made a pair of wonderful new partners in the drive to bring the joys of imagination and literature to a public of all ages. Yossi and Susan are always welcome at the Patagonia Public Library, so don’t be surprised to see them here again sometime in the future!
A special thanks to librarian Laura Wenzel, and volunteer Kate Musick for their hard work facilitating the event.


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