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Thanks to all the authors who participated in the Street Lit. project. When beginning this program, I could not have foreseen the impending global climate and ensuing chaos that has brought us to the point of having to discontinue the project. I can not be more grateful to everyone who participated, and I wish you all the best of luck and success in all your endeavors. As always, any questions or comments can be directed to my email address at Thank you all again!

As a part of 2018 Summer scheduling at the Patagonia Public Library, work began on a program to bring more self-published titles into the collection and to bring more exposure to the increasing number of authors who publish through non-traditional methods these days. The response garnered was overwhelmingly positive and the project kicked off with an intimidating degree of momentum. The continuing result of this effort is what has become known as the Street Lit. project.d1    In traditional literary circles, the term ‘Street Lit.’ usually denotes narratives that reflect the gritty nature of urban and inner city life as told by authors from the same, but the definition of this term has been extended a step further for the purposes of this project. Most of us have stopped relying on record labels and production studios to tell us what music and film we should be experiencing, so why limit yourself to literary content that fat-cat publishing houses tell you to? Independent and self-published authors are like the inner city of the publishing world, often overlooked and under served, so this project is meant to give them a platform, no matter how small.   

   The Patagonia Public Library is publicly funded, and all titles found in the Street Lit. collection are direct donations from their authors. There’s no profit being made anywhere in the process other than our patrons’ enjoyment of titles they wouldn’t find anywhere else and our contributing authors’ enjoyment at seeing their titles on display and in circulation. If you or anyone you know is an independent and/or self-published author, and would like to donate a title or titles to the program, please visit Become a Contributing Author to learn how.

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   In return, your book will be included in at least one future showcase display within the library as well as being included on The Collection page with cover art, synopsis, and circulation figure to date, not to mention free promotion in a prominent area of our library with heavy foot traffic, and exposure to an untapped audience of avid book lovers possibly leading to new loyal readers, all for just the small fee of shipping costs.

   It’s a low risk, high reward program, so take a look at our current contributing authors in The Collection, and if you are interested in participating, please visit Become a Contributing Author. If you have any other concerns or questions, please feel free to contact me using the info at the bottom of the page.

Shannon Wright,
Street Lit. Coordinator
Patagonia Public Library
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